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Meet Space | These Luxury Homes Are Great For Gathering, Online And Offline

Some techno-futurists predict that we may one day spend most of our time connected to a “metaverse,” or upload our minds to the cloud to achieve a sort of digital immortality.

Whether or not this is probable, or even possible, there’s no denying that a significant portion of our lives are now lived virtually. Beyond the relatively straightforward interfaces of social media—Instagram, TikTok, and the like—people are creating and sharing content in real time on platforms such as Twitch, while speaking directly to global audiences through Discord servers. They play video games together and partake in simultaneous VR experiences, and companies are currently trying to network these into a much larger multiverse—communal spaces where users are already making, buying, and selling unique collectibles as NFTs.

It therefore seems likely that in the near future, and almost certainly in the far future, a lot of people will live their lives with one foot in the physical world and another in the digital world, and the various virtual realities that come alive there. And they’ll want to share these spaces and cyberspaces with others.

So what does a luxury home need to feature in this compelling new world? These four homes show how to harness the digital dimension without sacrificing social connection.

The Perfect House Party in San Diego

Deborah Greenspan – Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty

Some futurist trends are already here—for example, it’s not unheard of to host a get-together where some guests visit in-person while others dial in virtually. Nor is it particularly unusual to host a gathering where avatars unite in a digital venue. You can do either—or both—in this stunning San Diego home. Chic layouts, sleek lighting, and an abundance of high-definition consoles makes the property feel like a portal to the future, thanks to the masterful architecture by Blue Heron, an award-firm known for designing forward-thinking, experiential spaces.

Work From the Multiverse in Marbella

Juan Simonet – Madrid Sotheby’s International Realty

From the outside, this contemporary villa in Marbella looks like it could have been dreamt up by an audacious computer animator rather than an architect, with its striking modern angles, massive panoramic windows, and unique lighting. Step inside, and you find a home custom-curated for someone who loves to live, work, and play in both real and virtual worlds: the luminous primary suite is adjacent to an impressive office surrounded by water.

A Multimedia Mansion in Saint Martin

Lesley Reed – St. Maarten Sotheby’s International Realty

The centerpiece of this relaxing retreat on the island of Saint Martin might be the saltwater pool—with its geometric gazebo, plush daybeds, and views of tropical woods and waters—but the real value-add of this property is the sense of connection and connectivity it provides. Its five fully-appointed ground-level suites are ideal for friends and family, and all feature a SmartTV, Bose soundbar, and Bluetooth capabilities so that when you’re not lounging offline in the sun, you can be having all sorts of shared online fun.

Raise Your (Video) Game in Petoskey

Brad Rellinger and Eric Lohman – Harbor Sotheby’s International Realty

Virtual happy hours have become a mainstay in a world where digital technologies have diminished our sense of distance, and this estate on the shores of Walloon Lake lets you enjoy your drinks and devices in style. Not only are virtual media easily accessible across its various social spaces—such as the designated media room, located not far from the bar—but there’s even a full-size golf simulator so you and your guests can perfect your swing technique before you head out onto the actual course.

For many people, the promise of cyberspace is sheer escapism—jettisoning themselves out of this world and into another. But when you live in a property like these, it’s not about running off to a new realm; it’s about welcoming the multiverse into the comfort of home—a home that blurs the boundaries between physical and digital, present and future, real and imagined.